Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jackie Evancho & THAT shocking moment....

THAAAT moment....that shocked the world; even the winner, Michael Grimm.

Apparently there was a good reason for Jackie not getting the 1st place win (as told by someone close to the Evancho family) and it had nothing to do with not getting the most votes. 

She DID get the most votes, but her parents had made a deal with AGT to not award her the 1st place as that would tie her contractually to AGT for a year and would require her to do 25 obligatory promotional tour performances for them. Her parents didn't want that and AGT agreed with them and let her off the hook. Jackie knew nothing of this arrangement until after the great disappointment. Poor girl. 

Still, it was done to allow her to immediately get her career off the ground as it was clear she was going to be a mega-star and it would have been unfair and frustrating to have held her back for a year. So she was awarded the 2nd place, and tried her best to stay professional and kind about this great loss, but, unbeknownst to her at that moment, it was the best thing that could have happened to her. It set her free to live her dream. She had to do only 10 promotional performances for AGT and was free to sign a recording contract with whomever she (her parents) chose. 

She didn't get the momentary glory, but she got what she had wished for and dreamed about all of her 10 years; she got to perform her wonderful talent to the world at large, be a celebrity & walk the red carpet. This was what she'd said her dream was. She got it. Lucky for us! 

Now, at the ripe old age of 13 and a half, she is a seasoned pro, living her dream, experiencing many more plusses as a result of her resounding success, and we get to hear as much of her outstanding talent as we wish to. 

THAT moment must have seemed like a nightmare to Jackie; it certainly did to many of us, already smitten with this adorable little golden girl with her angelic personality, oodles of charm and magnificent voice, but, it was a blessing in disguise for her. Yes she suffered through the heart-breaking disappointment of THAT moment, but she's a strong girl and she survived it; charm, tact and kind-hearted personality intact. 
Our cute little golden haired girl is now, three and a half years after THAAAAT moment, very much a winner, and a beautiful golden haired teenager with the world at her feet, and deservedly so, and we get to enjoy many more winning moments of wonderful musical magic with young miss Jackie Evancho.

The then 10 Year old Jackie Evancho, wishing everyone a 

Heavenly Christmas

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"I truly hope you have a magical Christmas... Merry Christmas everyone! Love, Jackie"

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