Friday, August 23, 2013

That Was Then.....

"Shining Star Seeks Funds for Second CD

I found this little gem in my wanderings online. This demonstrates Jackie's drive to fulfill her dreams, and happened just before she appeared on America's Got Talent, when we all were blown away by her talent, professionalism, charm, poise, humility and beauty. Now of course, the whole world knows about Jackie Evancho and her golden voice and she no longer needs to raise money for recordings. Now she's being paid to record! Actually, just a few months after she started this fundraiser, she was already in huge demand to record her talent. And now, just 3 short years later, at the "ripe old age" of 13, she is the huge star that she always dreamed she could and would be. Brilliantly done. A truly inspirational lesson for going after your dream and making it happen.
I can't help but think that this is an excellent lesson in the workings of the Law Of Attraction too. Jackie wanted so badly for the world to know of her as a performer and brilliant songstress that she tried everything to make that happen. The result? The Universe smiled on her, and as she was still struggling to raise funds to be able to record a 2nd cd, sent the fulfillment of her dreams rushing towards her in huge avalanches of success. From a completely different direction than she was working on! And what a well-deserved success it is. So, no more fund-raisings for our Jackie, for now she (deservedly) has the world at her pretty, charming and mind-bogglingly talented feet and we are happy that she finally managed to get the world to see and hear her perform her magic. Thanks Jackie! Great job =)
Jackie's Fundraising Efforts Before AGT ~ 2010

Shining Star Seeks Funds for Second CD

Funded! This project successfully raised its funding goal on Jul 17, 2010.
International Recording Artist at Age 10 shows brilliant future ahead
Riding on the success of Jackie's debut CD, we are looking to take her recording experience to the next level with original material, fresh arrangements and live musicians. Professional production, mixing and mastering will be included as well as promotional dollars in order to spread this angel's voice to a much larger audience.
We are currently working with songwriters and composers on new material and fresh arrangements of some classics to wow jackie's current fans and win her many many more. Professional production is expensive but worth the investment in this 10 year old girl who has already caught the attention of big industry names including the legendary David Foster himself while performing live on stage with him in October 2009. To further demonstrate her incredible potential, she will be peforming solo in December 2010 at Carnegie Hall with American conductor/composer Tim Janis. Keep your eye on this one - she's history in the making.